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What happens when a mature franchise development group acquires a small franchise brand in a fragmented industry segment? Opportunity!

This is exactly what is happening in the Junk Removal industry, a $10 Billion industry segment. And if you are looking for an opportunity that does not happen everyday, consider learning more about this recession resilient industry.

The Competition

In a fragmented industry, the competition is mostly formed by small independent business operations, with limited market share, limited resources and no single player has enough influence to move the industry in a particular direction.

Picture your competition formed mostly by small players with unprofessional presentation (i.e. unbranded vehicles and/or employees without uniforms), no formal processes in place, resulting in inconsistent and unreliable service, which translates as poor customer experience.

Have you ever called a service provider, left a voicemail, and never heard back from them? That’s what I am talking about!

The Opportunity

An experienced franchise development group with several brands under the umbrella and a combined total of over 220 franchised units in operation is positioned to take a small franchise brand to unprecedented growth by leveraging the resources they already have such as in-house marketing agency and, in some cases, an inbound call center. Yes, you’ve read it correctly! A franchisor that actively helps you in the sales cycle!

These mature franchise development groups have the experience fine-tuning business systems for increased efficiency, scalability, consistency of the service provided across the entire franchise system and an unbelievable customer experience.

I invite you to learn more about the Junk Removal franchise that is poised for growth.

  • Low Initial Investment: under $140,000 (in which at least $50,000 must be from non-borrowed funds)
  • Lowest Royalty Fee in the Industry Category: 6%
  • Industry Size: $10 Billion
  • Recession-Resistant, Essential Service. Did not stop as result of COVID!
  • Fragmented Competition
  • Environmentally Friendly: Donation, Recycling, Repurposing…. Landfill as last resource.
  • No-Inventory
  • No Storefront (it can be managed from home)
  • Scalable (multiple trucks in one territory and/or multiple contiguous territories)
  • E-2 Visa friendly

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Who We Are

Franchise Wizards is a franchise consulting business located in Carlsbad, CA and we work with 530+ franchisors in multiple industry categories with various investment levels. The location where the desired business is to be operated can be anywhere in the USA or Canada.

By understanding your objectives and your business preferences, we can present to you a tailored selection of franchises that meet your requirements and present the qualities you are looking for in the ideal business opportunity.

We can also educate you on how to make the most out of the discovery process offered by the franchisors and the best practices to evaluate and compare franchise opportunities.

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