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Franchise Wizards is a franchise consulting company based in Carlsbad, CA, USA. Our consultation process is a proven method of helping prospective investors identify and research franchises that present a true opportunity for success for our clients in their target markets: anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Our franchise industry experts are certified franchise consultants with active work relationship with 700+ of the leading franchises opportunities in the USA in multiple industry categories and within various investment levels. We are in position to create options for prospective investor’s consideration.

With thousands of franchise concepts available in the United States alone, searching for the right franchise can be a daunting task. In addition, not all franchises are created equally and even the top-rated franchises are not always the best fit for all individuals.

Our process takes a close look at your professional experience, strengths, preferred industries, desired lifestyle and more to help you find the franchises that present a realistic opportunity of you reaching your goals.

Free of Charge • No Pressure • No Hype

We call this process “Franchise Matchmaking” and it is extremely efficient, saving you countless hours of research on the internet and unproductive calls with the franchisors’ gate-keepers to only then discover that the desired territory is not available or you do not meet the minimum financial qualifications or simply that the business model does not make the best use of your strengths.

We have extensive experience working with international investors seeking E-2 Investor Visa and we speak both English and Portuguese. Beware that not all business models will make a strong E-2 Visa case. Talk to us, so we can help you find E-2 Visa compliant business models.

With so many franchise opportunities available today it is much easier to choose the wrong franchise than the right one.

Our consulting services are offered free of charge for the prospective investor so, why not engage the assistance of franchise industry experts to guide you through your search and investigation of a franchise business?

Our mission is to help people achieve their dreams through franchising. We help prospective investors identify the right franchise model for their goals, educate them on best practices to evaluate and compare franchise opportunities, so they can make an informed investment decision.

Sheila & Daniel | Franchise Wizards Founders

“Hello and welcome! We are Sheila and Daniel Purim, Co-Founders of Franchise Wizards.

We come from a family of Entrepreneurs who own and have owned many businesses in several industries, such as food, IT, retail and technology.

Through our many years of corporate careers, we have helped from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies make key investment decisions, including strategic acquisitions (M&As) and investments in particular markets and products lines as well as managed capital-intensive projects of multi-million dollars investments.

We then felt that it was time to have a deeper impact on people’s lives and we have chosen to do that through education.

That’s why we decided to found Franchise Wizards. We love our mission and feel blessed to help hundreds of people every year identify and evaluate franchise businesses and make informed investment decisions that will greatly impact their lives and will put them in the right path to reaching their goals.

Our mission: To help people achieve their dreams through franchising. We help prospective investors identify the right franchise model for their goals, educate them on best practices to evaluate and compare franchise opportunities,so they can make informed investment decisions.

Our values: Focus on our clients’ needs and desires, transparency, diligence and open communication.

Our personal note to you: If you are looking for change, for a way to achieve your dream life, go for it! Don’t be afraid of taking risk! Your greatest accomplishment is to have a dream and pursue it! We will be here for you, to give you support, help you overcome fear, and ensure you will be fully informed on the details about each business opportunity you decide to explore, so you can make wise and well informed decisions. We will be your partners in the process, all the way.”

     1. Franchise Wizards, LLC is not an agent, employee, representative, or other functionary of the seller of the respective business opportunities and franchises introduced to you.

     2. Franchise Wizards, LLC is an Independent Contractor, engaged in the activity of introducing prospective business buyers to sellers of franchises and business opportunities.

     3. Franchise Wizards, LLC is paid a finder’s fee or commission by the seller if you elect to purchase a business from a company that was introduced by Franchise Wizards, LLC.

     4. Franchise Wizards, LLC has not checked the accuracy of the information provided by the seller, and assumes no responsibility for the acts, errors or omissions of the seller, or the outcome of any transactions.

     5. Franchise Wizards, LLC is not qualified to advise in any part of the purchase of a business opportunity. You are urged to seek professional advice from a lawyer, accountant, or other qualified resource.

     6. Buying a business opportunity is a complex investment. Take your time to decide, and personally visit the headquarters of the company you elect to buy from. Make informed, common sense decisions in all investment matters.

     7. The Federal Trade Commission regulates the sale of franchises and business opportunities. Contact the nearest office to you for information to assure yourself that any company you deal with is in full compliance with the law.

     8. Your state may also have laws regarding franchises and business opportunities. Ask your state agencies about them.

     9. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent information source for potential business buyers. Contact your local bureau as well as the bureau in the city of origin of the seller. You alone are responsible for researching the seller.

     10. Prospective business buyer acknowledges receipt of this disclosure information and clearly understands that Franchise Wizards, LLC has no standing or involvement in prospective business buyer’s transactions with any business opportunity seller.

     11. Prospective business buyer further agrees to save and hold harmless Franchise Wizards, LLC in any event regarding prospective business buyer’s ultimate business transaction and outcome with any seller introduced by Franchise Wizards, LLC.

     12. Franchise Wizards, LLC has made no verbal representations that contradict any portion of this disclosure.





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